Engineering Services



While many of our systems are built to a pre-engineered design specified by the customer, we also offer engineering services to help you design your custom system to meet your particular requirements. Our team of highly trained and experienced industry professionals will guide you through the system design process to ensure that results are to your highest satisfaction. Whether we use a customer provided design or design a system from the ground up, Brownlee-Morrow has the ability to build high quality engineered systems. Our policy of “Total System Responsibility” means we provide our customers complete peace of mind with the gurantee of system performance and seamless integration.



Installation Services



In addition to the design and production of our package systems, we also provide installation and start-up services. Let our team of highly trained field service technicians install your new equipment and start it up for the first time. This gurantees that your new equipment will properly integrate into your system and perform correctly. We also offer training for operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that your team has the knowledge and understanding to properly operate and maintain your new equipment.